The Semplice Order Manager is a fully integrated extension to the Semplice Dashboard providing an easy-to-use solution to manage and fulfill orders. Orders are automatically retrieved as they become available and imported into the Order Manager. Multiple users can then access orders, print packing slips, group and organize orders into configurable queues, and even assign orders to individual users for followup. The Semplice Order Manager can also print and manage picklists of items for multiple orders. Orders can be fulfilled individually or in bulk or even adjusted and the results are instantaneously communicated to Amazon automatically. For a fully integrated and exceedingly easy-to-use order solution for your business, consider licensing the Semplice Order Manager.


  • Fully integrated with Semplice dashboard for automation with
  • Update shipping information for an order. Ability to do partial item shipments.
  • Automatically import Amazon orders as they become available (up to every 15 minutes)
  • Optionally send order acknowledgements automatically upon receipt
  • Cancel orders or single items with the click of a button
  • Make any adjustment to orders that have been fulfilled included re-pricing of items, shipping costs and cancelation of individual SKU?s
  • Print packing slips, packing slips are automatically attached to order when printed
  • Customized packing slips are available for a modest fee
  • Print and manage a pick list for a group of orders
  • Save and share pick list among multiple users
  • Fulfill orders by pick list
  • Ability to create sets of orders and order queues to manage orders in different states by different users
  • Settlement reconciliation of order detail
  • Attach emails, notes, any file (e.g. photos) to order
  • Query interface for searching for a single order, or orders in a particular state, for example, list all unfulfilled orders more than 1 week old
  • When orders are adjusted or fulfilled, Order Manager sends appropriate Amazon feeds back to Amazon automatically via the Dashboard
  • Ability to drag and drop information to Excel
  • Simple point and click administration

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