Built on technology pioneered by WASH, Semplice, Italian for simple, is the latest iteration of our highly reliable and easy to use eCommerce integration for merchants. In addition to providing full feed automation for SellerCentral and ProMerchant customers like WASH, the Semplice platform also can also be configured optionally with a fully integrated order manager. Simply install Semplice on a Windows workstation or server and in less than 30 minutes you can begin communicating with and processing orders. No solution today provides both the proven reliability of our now fourth generation Amazon automation technology with a feature rich, yet approachable, point-and-click interface. Semplice, like WASH before it, takes much of the pain out of the integration process, accelerates time to market and provides a reliable and fully supported integration pathway for Even as Semplice begins to spread it?s wings, we are busy working on the next extension to our product line, the Semplice Catalog Manager. The goal of this module is to rapidly assist merchants with the necessary refactoring of their existing catalog data into the correct format, while providing an integrated toolset for rapidly adding the correct categorization and other data elements required to begin selling. The Semplice Catalog Manager will greatly simplify the markup process, provide invaluable feedback while supporting fully integrated error reporting and publishing using an easy-to-use set of screens.


  • Full support for XML and Flat-File feeds
  • 100% built from scratch in .NET 2.0 for full 32bit and 64bit Windows scalability
  • Consolidated error reporting with immediate email notification
  • Optional SMS text messaging
  • Integrated dashboard user interface for managing transactions
  • Order and Settlement feed reporting
  • Multi-user order management with packing slip generation, picklists and bulk fulfillment features
  • Customizable multi-user order management workflow, assign groups or queues of orders to particular users for processing
  • Transparent, ?light-outs? operation (Install, configure and let it run, Semplice will send you an email or text message when something you need to know about happens)
  • Supports multiple storefronts and unlimited SKU?s
  • Fully automated, real-time interface with for existing order management solutions
  • Settlement processing integration within the optional order management module
  • Constantly improved to simplify your operational needs
  • Full support for, and platforms
  • Customization services available to assist with full integration to backend solutions
  • Optional, catalog markup and assistance


With off-the-shelf usability and ease of use, our Semplice technology limits the integration impact on your business. Its detailed reporting and tracking makes what could be a complex and costly operation simple to run. With Semplice you can find and correct communication and data format errors before they become costly problems in either man hours or A2Z charge backs. Just like its name, Semplice can truly simplify your integration. Hundreds of successfully integrated customers can attest to the reliability and simplicity of this solution. Standing behind Semplice you have 5+ years of invaluable experience WrinkleBrain has acquired coupled with an old-fashioned approach to customer support. Our business is helping our customers, we understand better than most how difficult modern e-commerce business are to run and how busy you are. We have developed a reputation for responsive and helpful assistance, a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the difficulties and challenges you face.