TabletPC-based Mammography Survey Development” project

Requirements Analysis Business Process Analysis Application Development HIPAA Compliance Group Health Cooperative (GHC) wanted to test the feasibility of automating their four-page mammography risk factor survey, but worried that most of the user base (women over 50) had little or no experience using computers. In response, WrinkleBrain designed an intuitive TabletPC-based survey that, in fact, elicited more accurate and meaningful information than GHC’s paper version. What’s more, our scalable, secure system fit seamlessly into the existing clinic workflow, allowing clinicians to view and print data at any point in the care process. Our prototype’s success generated quite a stir at both the National Cancer Institute (the project’s financial sponsor) and the University of North Carolina (GHC’s partner institution). Today efforts are underway at both institutions to continue research into using TabletPC survey systems.