The Semplice Dashboard includes a set of configurable Order and Settlement reporting features within its tabbed interface. Weekly settlement totals, items, dollars and orders can be graphed to track at a glimpse the performance of your line-of-business. Order total trending data can also be tracked at a glance through the Order reporting feature. In addition, Semplice offers a daily
Order report summarizing financial and order totals for each day. This report can be printed, saved as a PDF for sharing or exported to Excel for deeper analysis directly from within the report writer interface.

Reporting Features

  • Automatic, consolidated error reporting for outbound feeds
  • Email notification with Acrobat PDF attachment of error feeds.
  • Manual export of all reports as Acrobat PDF or Excel format
  • Order total tracking UI for at-a-glance review of daily sales trends over time
  • Settlement total tracking with at-a-glance review of weekly sales trends
  • Optional SMS error report notification and daily order summary messages
  • Daily order summary reports with order, commission, tax, shipping and individual item and quantity details

Beyond the current reporting features, WrinkleBrain is hard at work providing deeper reporting and business analytics capabilities to better assist our customers with the management of their businesses. These features will be provided as an extensible module and will permit marketing and business managers access to a set of data dashboards and order reports to track pricing, fulfillment, historical trend data and just about any data relevant to integration. Please feel free to contact us concerning availability or to make feature requests. We are a very customer driven organization and desire rich feedback from our customers, good, bad or indifferent.

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