We know no matter how feature rich our solutions may be, there are literally thousands of potential customers with specialized or custom applications needing integration with We are willing and able to assist you in many different ways.

How WrinkleBrain can help.
WrinkleBrain is not just another Systems Integrator specializing in only our transport software; we are much more than that. For over 5 years we have been building solutions for and many other major Fortune 500 Companies. We have decades of knowledge building and integrating complex enterprise solutions, even systems with very exacting specifications for a variety of industries.If you need consulting for your in-house development staff or want us to build a connector for you, please contact us for more information.


WrinkleBrain has been assisting eCommetry and Escalate customers with their needs for more than five years and is proud to offer a very cost-effective TapeMACS order convertor as an extension to our WASH? and Semplice? products. In less than 30 minutes you can be importing fully compliant orders from in our standards compliant TapeMACS format into your eCommetry system for fulfillment. Due to the complexity of the TapeMACS format and to accommodate the reality that there are many different ways TapeMACS layouts can be configured, our converter can be easily configured to handle most every permutation with very little work. Should more customization be required, we would be more than happy to customize it further to meet your needs quickly and cost effectively.

Following is a list of the key features in the base package:

  • Automatic conversion of the XML order format to TapeMACS
  • Support for gift-wrap text
  • Configurable record layouts for all record formats
  • Automatic email notification of mapping failures including full order details

The WrinkleBrain TapeMACS converter is the most cost-effective order mapping tool on the market. We are experts with years of experience assisting eCommetry/Escalate customers integrate quickly and efficiently with Why build your own, or try retrofitting one of the few costly TapeMACS third-party converters that doesn?t include direct support for the order format, when our solution can be installed and configured in minutes.